Saturday, March 8, 2008

Family Values

The story of my corrupt congress crtitter Rick Renzi just keeps getting better:

Rep. Rick Renzi, R-Ariz., allegedly defrauded dozens of pro-life organizations for hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund his first congressional bid, according to an analysis of the recent indictment against him, a state insurance claim and an interview with an insurance lawyer involved in the case.

When federal prosecutors indicted Renzi, 49, on 35 felony counts two weeks ago, many reports focused on alleged crimes stemming from a complicated series of land swaps the congressman facilitated.

But the indictment also accuses Renzi, who ran an insurance firm before coming to Capitol Hill, of misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance premiums and using the money to fund his congressional campaign.

Organizations such as Arizona Right-to-Life, the Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center and the Wickenburg Pregnancy Resource Center paid insurance premiums to Renzi's insurance firm, Renzi & Company, but received notices their insurance coverage was going to be cancelled for nonpayment, according to a 2003 complaint filed with the State of Arizona. The complaint was first reported by the Phoenix New Times.

According to the indictment, Renzi funneled those payments -- totaling more than $400,000 -- through various accounts and finally to his campaign.

Nothing says "family values" quite like stealing from your "pro-life" supporters. This should enhance his role in the campaign of "straight shooter" McCain:

For Clinton detractors, Norman Hsu is a huge deal. For Obama detractors, Tony Rezko is incredibly important. But where does Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.), a member of Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) National Leadership Team and a co-chair of his Arizona Leadership Team, fit into the mix?

Renzi was, of course, recently indicted on felony counts of extortion, wire fraud, and money laundering, among other transgressions. Despite the charges, McCain hasn’t distanced himself from Renzi at all, saying he doesn’t know the “details” of the indictment, so he won’t criticize his political ally. McCain wouldn’t even comment on whether Renzi would remain a part of his campaign leadership, saying the issue “doesn’t matter.”

Rick, your ongoing crimes have earned you another pig:


Distributorcap said...

oh please please please let this spill over into the McInsane campaign

py -- i know you have two insane senators.... but mine is looking more and more insane each day and she is dragging the whole party down with her trashing of obama

gandhisxmas said...

this reminds me of Abramoff and Scanlon defrauding the gaming tribes. These crooks elicited the help of Ralph Reed to sucker the pro-life crowd into double crossing the tribes.

What it shows is that powerful GOP insiders know they can use their ignorant flock to support heir crimes, but that they themselves do not really subscribe to the nonsense that gets them voted into office...i.e. family values, fetuses, stem cells, ignorant fundamentalism, etc.

ThePoliticalCat said...

I was just getting all fired up to give Renzi what for, but since you've done such a fine job, I'm just linking to your post.

What's the maximum number of pigs these guys can earn? Hastert should've had a coupla herds, no?