Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is This a Prank?

Today started with a morning aggravation. I went to take a shower...no water. I was pretty sure that the bill was paid, so my immediate suspicion was that one of the housemates was celebrating April 1st. No such luck. Looking outside, the city is tearing up a large chunk of the water main. Dear city of Flagstaff: it would be really nice if you would tell us ahead of time before engaging in such projects. And, as April Fool's jokes go, I didn't find this one amusing.


Monkeyfister said...

Hey Py--

Sorry to hear about the water problems.

I never realized that you live in Flagstaff. You once corrected my vague Rocky Mountain geographic triangulation, but never specified Flagstaff to me, so, I just sort of kept a "somewhere out West" point of view...

But anyway, speaking of Flagstaff, James Kunstler just did a podcast about the future of Flagstaff, and thought I'd ask your opinion about his opinion.


It's short. The caller posing the question seems pretty informed.


pygalgia said...

One of the good things about Flagstaff is that the city is trying to look forward on energy planning. While there are only a couple of fuel cell vehicles in town (2 are Mercedes vans used by the electric company), the city is now running diesel-hybrid buses, solar powered street lights, and a variety of green buildings (our new convention center is state of the art). I'm involved in developing a cellulosic ethanol/butanol plant utilizing organic waste and algae. I'll give Kunstler a listen soon. Thanks for the tip.

FranIAm said...

That is kind of crappy- hope the rest of your day went better Py!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. That really is not funny. I'm with Fran. I hope your day improved.

Nasty little surprise that water thing.

pygalgia said...

It's fixed. Sorry that I bitched about something so minor.