Saturday, May 31, 2008

Local Politics and National Influence

It's going to be an interesting summer here in Arizona's 1st congressional district as the race to replace Mr. corruption Renzi heats up. First, I'm really frustrated with the Democratic party (America's second worst party) who seem determined to pick our candidate for us, rather than let the voters make the choice in our primary. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has decided to back Ann Kirkpatrick in the race, a poor choice in my opinion. I'm a strong supporter and volunteer for Howard Shanker (, so my opinion is somewhat biased, but my goal is to elect the best possible congressperson in the general election. The DCCC's anointed candidates lost to Renzi three times in a row in races that should have been won, so their endorsement is not a harbinger of success. Kirkpatrick seems to fit their profile of bland safe candidates, moderately conservative "blue dogs" who won't rock the boat. Shanker, on the other hand, is a real progressive with a strong agenda for change in Washington. He's taken strong stands on energy, the environment, and against the war in Iraq while Kirkpatrick's positions have been safely vague. And that's what really bothers me about the DCCC. They seem determined to select "safe" candidates who then lose in the general election, rather than candidates who offer a real potential for change. Given the mess that shrub and the republicans have created, we need more real change agents in congress. Howard Shanker should be one of those change agents.
For all of you here in Flagstaff, I'd like to invite you to a party with Howard on Saturday, June 21st:


Celebrate Democracy in Action

Come for the food and
Stay to meet and ask your questions To our next

Howard Shanker

Candidate in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District

Come enjoy a Saturday afternoon BBQ and Block Party and find
out why we should elect Howard Shanker for Congress.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hosted byYour Neighbor, Andy Bessler

3405 North Grandview Drive

Flagstaff, AZ

This should be fun, and we have a very real opportunity to win this one. Making it more of a challenge, however, is the schedule. The primary is on Sept. 2nd, which doesn't leave a lot of time to gear up for November.


Demeur said...

Just curious if the GOP played with the redistricting down in Az like they did in Texas.
Another thought. With the boomers starting to retire I'm sure the politics of Az will really start to change here shortly.

pygalgia said...

The district was drawn (see map above) with the hope of creating another safe repub seat, but population growth didn't cooperate with the republican plans. Now the district is a fairly even split and ripe for a pickup this cycle. Side note: it's the largest congressional district in terms of square miles in the country.

Anonymous said...

In what way is Ann a conservative Democrat? Her first big endorsement was from pro-choice Emily's List. Her social positions certainly don't seem to be in line with her district.

Justin said...

I have researched Ann a bit and I would not interpret her positions as being progressive, but more establishment democrat. (i.e. running on public relation themes of American goodness and militarism.) My question is: Did Ann support the Iraq war in 2003? Was she manipulated by Bush propaganda and if so what would lead us not to believe that it couldnt happen again given her ideology?

pygalgia said...

I admit that "conservative" might not be accurate, but during her time in the state legislature she has voted in line with corporate interests over environmental interests, has been a "law and order" vote for increasing criminal penalties for minor drug offenses, and supported Arizona's anti-gay marriage initiative. While she has taken more liberal stands on Health Care, Education, and Energy lately, her record is not that of a "progressive."
I'm not sure what her record was on Iraq.
Overall, I will support her if she is the nominee, but I think that Howard would be a much better choice for congress.