Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Military and College

Dare I say this? St. Sleazy McCain's thinking on veteran's benefits actually has a certain logic to it. He points out that young people might prefer college to the military:
Republican Presidential candidate John McCain has made an astute point in regards to modernizing the current GI Bill - If the U.S. starts offering too much education to veterans, no one will want to be a soldier anymore. McCain envisions a new GI Bill where troops will be forced to "earn" their education dollars by serving longer and longer stints in the military.

"It is important to do that because, otherwise, we will encourage more people to leave the military after they have completed one enlistment," McCain said.

There is a certain amount of insight here. Despite the slick TV marketing, the military tends to be less fun than college. College offers a wider variety of scheduling choices, better parties, and better fashion. Also, it is generally a safer place to be.
I can only speak from my own experience on this. I was never in the military. I reached military age in the post-Vietnam era, so there wasn't any real need for me to serve. But I did go to college. I can honestly say that my time in college was the best eleven years of my life. While some professor's lectures were painful to endure, I am sure that a drill sergeant would be worse. The military (I'm told) builds "character" and "discipline", but college allows the intellectual opportunity to debate the meaning of Nietzsche and Descartes while stoned at 3:00 am.
In short, St. Sleazy is probably right that many young people would choose the option of bettering their lives over spending more time risking their lives in a pointless war. I can see why he wouldn't want them to have that option.
Added: The vets deserve the greater education benefits. That's why the rethugs are against them.


gandhisxmas said...

YA, college is great, so is debating Nietszche and Descartes baked at 3am.

hmmmm, iraq or sprawling university campus with thousands of pretty young women...hard choice if you are lucky enough to have it.

cognitorex said...

If a great swath of American youth with lesser advantages than the normal/average American youth choose to serve to get ahead in life, that service greatly benefits the military. Also, whether active or retired, they traditionally vote for core GOP red-meat rhetoric.
Imagine if they achieve college diploma level. Mightn't they well become Democratic Party allies?
Just saying.
It might not actually serve the GOP's interests to educate these serving warriors.

gandhisxmas said...

yes, many educated people are pains in the ass (pygalgia) and dont listen very well.