Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Doping

While the current Olympics have had relatively few doping scandals, I found at least two to be of interest. It's amazing what lengths people will go to, to win a competition.
The latest was in equestrian team jumping. Apparently, one of the horses on the Norwegian bronze medal team was caught using an illegal substance. Certainly, the minute I heared the phrase "Norwegian jumping horse", I thought of drugs.
The earlier doping incident was in pistol shooting, a sport that I thought only my old buddy Doc Thompson associated with drugs. The winner of the 10 meter air pistol bronze medal, a Korean, tested positive.
I've shot a lot of pistols in my life, and air pistols at 10 meters seems like an awfully wimpy mix to use drugs with. 44mags at 50 yards, sure. But air pistols at 10 meters?
Admitted, I have a different view of "performance enhancing drugs". Certain drugs were great for enhancing the performance of certain bands.
And sex.

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