Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where Was I?

Sorry that I've been away from the blog for a couple of weeks. The first stretch was due to working a lot (a good thing), and the latter was due to a nasty illness (a bad thing). Anyway, despite how I felt a few day ago, I'm still alive.
Thanks to Gandhisxmas for putting up a few posts in his usual calm, reasonable, non-alarmist, not at all ranting style while I was away. Take a deep breath, dude. We haven't blown ourselves up yet (I'm older than he is, and remember all those times over the decades that the end was near.)


Demeur said...

Ah yes, you remember the duck and cover drills as a kid. Fun

Mauigirl said...

As do I! We didn't just hide under our desks where I lived - we went to the school basement, lay face down on the floor, and put our hands over the backs of our necks - as if that would help.

Anonymous said...

Missed you. I hope you're better now.

Gandhixmas is definitely passionate. Some of us have had the passion kicked out of us, I guess. Experience is an awesome teacher.