Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Seeking Federal Bailout

Today another firm announced that it will seek federal bailout to avoid an impending financial disaster. The Pygalgia Group, a minor Back Street blogging company (not yet incorporated), is in danger of failing according to a company spokesman.
"Our assets have seriously decreased in value in the face of the current market, and our revenues will not meet our obligations." said company president Pygalgia. "Part of this is due to a lack of production in two of our major sectors, Zymurgian and Sweaterman. Neither are expected to meet expectations in the coming weeks. The Gandhisxmas sector has performed well, and is expected to continue to do so, but this will not be enough to make up for the shortfall."
Advertising revenue for the Pygalgia Group has not met expectations, and will again be $0.00 (as it has been throughout the blogs history) forcing the company to reevaluate its advertising strategy.
Valued at over $30,ooo (see right), Pygalgia plans to seek a $30 billion federal emergency loan, but is open to other investment offers.
"As bad as it looks right now" said Pygalgia "we're much closer to solvent than AIG or WAMU. With the right package of assistance, we could be back up to speed in a matter of weeks. Or at least buying our own beer."


nunya said...

I found this list of quetions fascinating. You?
Questions for McCain and Obama on the Economic Carnage
By Nieman Watchdog.

nunya said...

oops, I mean questions

pygalgia said...

Interesting, but too technical for campaign purposes. Obama needs to keep his economic message strong, but simple enough for the media, and therefore voters.

Demeur said...

I was in talks with Lehman Brothers about your situation but they had to decline when somebody took the liberty to actually look at their books.

nunya said...


I keep wondering if the Dems keep losing because they concentrate on wonky policy stuff?

You ever heard of
George Lakoff?

Framing the issues: UC Berkeley professor George Lakoff tells how conservatives use language to dominate politics