Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Socialism Done Wrong

Monkeyfister ( has a great post pointing out how the republicans are even getting socialism wrong: you're supposed to nationalize profitable companies; not bankrupt ones. But this got me thinking about our new taxpayer owned enterprises:
We, the taxpayers, now own (80% of) the nations largest insurance company. But none of us will get insurance out of the deal. I know I'm still uninsured.
We, the taxpayers, now own the nations two largest mortgage brokers. But I doubt that any of us will get help with housing out of the deal. I know I'm still homeless.
If this were a socialist country, at least those things would be guaranteed. But republicans aren't truly socialists; they're oligarchs. And so the fruits of these nationalizations will only go to the rich.
And at the same time that we pour $85 billion into AIG, the people of Houston and Galveston are not getting relief from hurricane Ike. That Federal Emergency Management Agency? Not available in cases of actual emergency. Republicans have to cut spending somewhere, don't you know.


gandhisxmas said...

Nail on the head. That captures a lot in few words. great post.

Demeur said...

You're like the song "Freedom is another word for nothing left to loose."
Only two ways to survive this, either be uber rich with your loot in the Behamas or have nothing.
So the bleeding continues and all they have is a borrowed box of bandaids.