Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear Janet, Please Don't Leave

So our Governor, Janet Napolitano, looks to be Obama's nominee for Homeland Security. While she's a great choice, as an Arizona Democrat I want to say "Don't leave us, Janet. We need you!" Let the "homeland" find someone else to deal with its insecurities. Napolitano has been a great governor here, especially considering the republican dominated legislature, and was the leading candidate to rid us of St. Sleazy McCain in the senate in 2010 (sad side commentary that the 2010 campaign is already underway.) Given that here in Arizona most of our recent Governors leave early due to indictment (Evan Meachem, Fife Symington), we're not used to sacrificing one for the good of the nation.
Should Napolitano end up head of DHS, the republican secretary of state, Jan Brewer, will fill the remainder of the term. And St. Sleazy will most likely get re-elected to the Senate due to name recognition alone, as it's unlikely that Napolitano would leave the cabinet in such a short time.
I know Obama has spoken of sacrifice for the good of the nation, but, damn, did he have to take my Governor as part of it?


Distributorcap said...

jan brewer is INSANE...... talk about making a state go into a state of shock

ellroon said...

Ouch. I hope she will bring excellent qualities to the Obama administration to make up for your sorrow.