Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quick Notes

Lacking internet at home, I'm doing a quick post from the library (a wonderful communistic institution.) Without my comments, the political world has managed to carry on in the great function of almost governing, and for that I'm grateful.
I haven't been able to post any lengthy screeds on the defeat of Ted Stevens or the rehabilitation of Joe Lieberman or what Hillary Clinton might mean as Sec. of State, and that frustrates me. But all these have moved along without my blogging of them, so I guess my opinion really isn't all that important. I do still wish that I had more opportunity to express it, as my whole reason for starting this blog was to give me a forum to express MY opinion, which is of course quite wise and well reasoned in comparison with the opinions I hear from others. Just ask me.
All of this is a way of apologizing for the lack of posts. Reality has been rather uncooperative lately.
Damn reality.


Anonymous said...

It's a damn shame that reality is being so uncooperative. I've been wondering how you are.

Mauigirl said...

Sorry you haven't been able to blog - it is very frustrating, I know. We've missed you!

Demeur said...

We'll keep stopping by to see what's happening on the Pygalgia front.
Seems the stupidity continues until the monkey leaves office. The Shrub isn't quite finished destroying what's left of the country.