Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Basic Philosophical Differences

Perhaps the most simple fundamental change that I hope to see from the Obama administration is one in basic philosophy. That is changing the government mindset from 'reactive' to 'proactive'. Shrub's administration followed the Gingrich philosophy of "shrink the federal government down to where you could drown it in a bathtub", and thus was only able to react when crisis' occurred. I'm hopeful that Obama will try to build government foresight in such a way as to prevent some future crisis'.
The clearest example so far is our current financial disaster. While the terms "bailout" and "stimulus" have been badly abused for rhetorical purposes, there is a fundamental difference in their actual meaning.
Shrub's plan to deal with the economic crisis is to give major financial institutions a whole lot of taxpayer money. This is a "bailout" and is a reactive response to the problem.
Obama's proposed plan is based on infrastructure projects and alternative energy development. This is "stimulus" and is proactive.
The difference is that one is an attempt to fix a past mistake, while the other is an attempt to develop a stronger future. And they represent a major difference in the fundamental philosophy of government.
There is no guarantee that Obama's plan will work, or that he'll engage in a proactive plan in other areas of government, but it's a good start.
(Now if they'd just send me some money)

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Demeur said...

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