Friday, December 12, 2008

Depressing Times

I know that I'm not alone in my feelings of frustration and depression. Seems like everyone around me has similar feelings. Yeah, it's the economy...but there is a sense that the worst is still to come. Folks I know who're in good jobs are nervous-budget cuts and layoffs on their horizons. Folks like me who're looking for jobs are getting increasingly desperate. And the government 'bailout' plan is offering us nothing. While I have mixed feelings about the proposed auto bailout, at least it would help some folks keep their jobs. The 14.5 billion price tag may sound like a lot, but compared to the 700 billion bank bailout (which doesn't seem to have helped anyone but the rich 'investor' class) it almost looks like a bargain.
Of course the senate rethuglicans had to kill it...might help some union workers...they don't give money to most rethug senators...screw them. The final vote of 52-35 (35 being the rethugs) shot it down.
Sometimes I wonder how the rethugs ever win. I mean, how many times do they get to kick working class people before the people strike back? After almost 8 years of shrub and crew's demolition of the American dream, you would think that they would at least try to pretend to care, but they don't.
We try to hang our hopes on the knowledge that Obama's coming, and that he'll change things for the better. God, I hope so. But I'm not optimistic. The mess has gotten too damn big for any 'quick fix' and a lot of suffering will pass before a real turnaround can take effect.
Or maybe my mood is just because it's December. I have seasonal affective disorder, and I tend to get depressed this time of year.
Nah, it's not just me.


nunya said...

No it' not just you. Hang in there, eh?

Jill said...

How do they win? By pointing the finger down the economic ladder for thirty years while they lift the wallets of American workers out of their back pockets while saying, "Look! See that [Mexican | black guy | Jew | Muslim | Insert Yer Own Scapegoat Here]? HE's the one causing all your problems."

And for nearly thirty years it's worked.

Demeur said...

Things will get better. It will just take some time. Remember boy George had eight years to screw things up. And remember there's senate elections coming in the next year or two so if they don't get their act together they could be called the republi whos?

Mauigirl said...

I think for some reason today a lot of us were depressed. I know I was. And am. I think it's a combination of Seasonal Affective Disorder, the holidays, and the terrible economy. It has to get better; couldn't get much worse. Hang in there.