Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Would You Buy A Used Senate Seat From This Governor?

Stories of corrupt polititions are a common thread throughout the history of America, but some are more blatent than others. Today's story of Illinois Gov. Blagojevich's (try spell-checking that) attempted sale of Obama's senate seat will soon be the stuff of legend:

A 76-page FBI affidavit alleges that Blagojevich was intercepted on court-authorized wiretaps during the last month conspiring to sell or trade Illinois’ U.S. Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama for financial and other personal benefits for himself and his wife.
Uhm, Gov., when you campaigned as a "reformer" to replace a corrupt governor, you might have thought that people would pay attention; and that "re-forming" corruption didn't mean moving it into your own pockets. Slimeball!

Side note to local readers: Sad to note the passing of Gene "magic" Tucker, the rose man of downtown. While his health had been failing for quite a while, his heart was still there for all. We'll miss you, Gene.

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