Saturday, April 4, 2009


When thinking of America's more progressive states, Iowa isn't usually one of them. But Iowa has now legalized gay marriage, which is great. I was tempted to make some snarky comment like "all four gay couples in Iowa celebrate" but that would be wrong.
Whenever debating the issue of gay marriage I'm reminded of Branch Rickey's comment on integrating baseball that "people in the future will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about." Because it really is a very simple issue: equal rights. The law should never discriminate against any group of people, and 'separate but equal' is NOT equal.
So I say "good for you, Iowa!"


Mauigirl said...

Go Iowa! Who would have thunk it? It seems as if this is happening one state at a time, and it's building momentum!

pygalgia said...

Agreed that more and more states are seeing the light, but as with civil rights the leadership must come from the Federal government in the end to insure fairness. A mix of states that recognize gay rights and states that don't will perpetuate discrimination overall. Ask any African American over the age of 50.