Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Response to the Latest Gun Violence

Another week of senseless tragedies and mass killings as a result of nutjobs with guns leads me to repeat my favorite proposal. What we really need is not 'gun control', but 'bullet control'. Think about it. Guns don't kill people; bullets kill people. A gun without bullets is a club. So I'm advocating that we impose strict restrictions on the purchasing of ammunition, limiting wackos to one bullet each. I'll call it the "Barney Fife rule" (only readers of a certain age will understand that reference). One bullet is enough for most self-defense situations, used properly. If a wacko decides to go on a rampage but only has one bullet, there's a limit on the amount of damage that they can inflict. Perhaps they'll use it on themselves without feeling the need to murder a bunch of people first. Most of the wackos will be reduced to merely fondling their guns and listening to Lush Rimbaugh's hate speech in response to their paranoid delusions, which is a lot safer for the rest of us.
(Disclaimer: OK, I'm not being serious. I do believe in the right of gun ownership, and have owned guns most of my adult life. But there is a certain logic to the idea as a way to reduce the lethal incidents.)

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