Sunday, August 23, 2009

You Can't Choose Your Family

As I was drinking my morning coffee, I got a call from my youngest sister (my siblings are both younger sisters) about an old photo. Then the conversation turned political. My youngest sister is a classic right-wing Christian Fundamentalist. She really believes that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim who's trying do destroy America. Really....she believes this.
I'm not a huge Obama fan. I think he's better than McCain, but he's still a corporatist. little sister believes that Obama is trying to "destroy" America.
My sister doesn't have health 'insurance', and has multiple health issues (she's a 45 year-old women), but she really doesn't want "government run" health care. So, she has "no health care".
When I read these arguments, I get confused. You have NO health care, but you don't want "the government" to provide any help? Are you stupid?
My sister shouldn't fall for this. She isn't stupid (hell, she scores 40 points higher than I do on IQ test's), but she might be brainwashed.
My question for my (few) readers is this:
How do you handle crazy siblings?


Mauigirl said...

I give you credit for putting up with crazy siblings...I'm very lucky, I have a half-sister who is a lot older than me - and happens to be a leftwing liberal just as I am! So I don't have your situation, luckily. Because I don't know how I could keep my temper...

Demeur said...

Yep I have a few relatives who are wingnuts but they were smart enough to realize what Bush did. I don't think they bothered to vote in the last election.
Just keep showing them the facts. That's all you can do.

Bing said...

I have found that I must step back. If I get too invested in it, I'll go bonkers. Put it out there, let them know what you think, and then never hesitate to show them where they are wrong! :) Just don't get too emotionally involved.

For my next trick, I will reconcile Bennifer.