Saturday, October 31, 2009

Clocks vs. Time Zones

Tonight most of you will change your clocks, but I wont. Instead, we'll change time zones. Which doesn't mean much, except that all the football games will be an hour later. No big deal.
What gets strange is when you go out onto the reservation: the Navajo do change their clocks, while the Hopi don't. If you have a cell phone on, it's fun to watch it try to cope with the changes in numbers (I've seen it, and the poor device goes wonko [actual coverage may vary]), by changing zones. What a strange concept.
An old Hopi* once told me "the white man cuts a foot off the bottom of his blanket, and sews it on to the top, and thinks he's got a longer blanket".

*I later learned that this was an old story that all the old Hopi tell.


urland said...

I was almost late to work today because my alarm clock gets it's time from the national radio signal. Too bad it doesn't have an AZ setting.

pygalgia said... Late to work? How could that happen?