Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Whirlled Series

The Baseball World Series begins. I have always hated the Yankees, so you know who I'm rooting for. Heck, I'd root for a team of republican congressmen over the Yankees (although reluctantly). So, go Phillies!
(BTW: Interesting trivia test: The last time the Yankees played the Phillies in the World Series was in 1950. It was the last World Series where what occured? Answer will appear in the comments tomorrow)


pygalgia said...

Answer: it was the last time that two all-white teams played in the world series.

SweaterMan said...

The wife got it on her first guess. Who knew she was such a baseball know-it-all?

pygalgia said...

Doesn't surprise me. She is rather awesome, and she knows her way around the library.