Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Least Bad Option

Not that my opinion really matters, but like most every progressive I'm disappointed in the health care bill. It's weak on health, short on care, and far from reform. But, sadly, it's the best we're going to get at this time. A lot of democrats/liberals are bitter that the senate failed to do better, but the alternative was to do nothing. And that would be worse. If the current bill failed, it would be at least twenty years before health care would be tackled again. At least the current bill can be built upon during the coming years. If nothing else, it beats letting the rethug obstructionists win.
Sigh...we really do deserve better.

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Demeur said...

If this passes and I mean the final bill without some type of public option then this is no reform but a big fat gift to the insurance companies. So what would that mean? It means that when the economy finally gets going and you get back to work you'll be forced to buy insurance with no real competition from the insurance companies. And without competition the cost will be $6800 or more out of your pocket depending on how much your employer is willing to chip in. Because there's no cost containments to speak of and once again no government oversight for this pig of a bill.
No thanks . They can fine me and take me to jail. At least I'd get free medical there.