Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Senate Grinches

Regardless of how you feel about the health care bill itself, can you believe how ridiculous the rethug obstructionists are behaving in using every possible procedural maneuver to delay the final vote until Christmas Eve? It's now clear that the dems will continue to have the 60 votes to clear each hurdle, but the petty rethugs refuse to cede time and allow the vote earlier. So all the senators and their staff are held hostage by a pointless fit of pique:

Apparently not all Republicans think the most fruitful use of their time is delaying a final vote on health care reform. Early this afternoon, Republicans filed into a caucus meeting just off the Senate floor to discuss whether it makes sense to require Democrats to run out the clock, as is their right under Senate rules, or to cede back some time so that members can go home early.

Among Republicans, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) has been the most adamant that the minority use all of the tools at its disposal--maximize the number of filibusters, and make sure they last as long as possible--to delay (or forestall) a final vote.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) said, definitively, "no, we're not going to cede back any time. We're fighting til the bitter end, till hell freezes over and we're skating on the ice."


Reminds me of a certain boss I had a few years ago, while working at the university. Boss grinch decided that nobody would be allowed to leave early on Christmas Eve (although he left at lunch; he said that he was "non-essential" while the rest of us were "essential", which was truer than anything else he ever said), even though there was no actual 'work' being done. I, being single, had volunteered to stay to keep the department open so that those with families could leave and begin their holidays. But boss grinch wouldn't hear of it, so six of us sat around eating cookies until the clock hit the magic hour. It was a purely petty act to prove his "authority", and it only generated resentment instead of respect.
And, in the end, resentment is all the rethug senators will get. The final vote is now a foregone conclusion (unless Sen. Coburn's prayers are answered). A responsible party would waive the 30 hour delays, allow the vote, and go celebrate the holidays. That's some "family values" you've got, rethugs!

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Demeur said...

I've had that happen on a few jobs. Except at lunch most of the crew left and didn't come back. Paybacks are hell. If the Dems had some balls they'd make the rethugs stay over Christmas. Play games? Two can play games you know.