Friday, January 22, 2010

A Boobie's Outlook

(pic from Lockwood at Outside the Interzone)

Even the Boobie's downcast this week, and the stamping of feet has begun.

On the snow front, I can (barely) get my door open. Which lead to a simple realization: I don't currently own a shovel. When I moved into this (very tiny) apartment, I left all those implements to my former housemates, not thinking that I'd need them. I don't have a sidewalk; just a tiny doorstep out to a small courtyard that I share with a few neighbors (who seem to have all headed south prior to the storm). Usually, the landlord sends his little maintenance guy by with a snowblower, but I doubt he can get here today. So today I'm on a mission: to borrow a shovel before too much more snow piles up (yeah, there's still more), so that I can get out into the world. Not that I want to go out, but I'm faced with a simple problem: I'm almost out of cigarettes. Nicotine addiction sucks.

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