Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can Anybody Here Play This Game?

To paraphrase 'Ronald Dumsfeld', you go to legislate with the Democrats you have, not the Democrats you wish you had. But I'm starting to wonder if the current Democrats are even trying. The senate health care bill, bad as it may be, is the only option left in the playbook. The house's choice is to either pass it, or forget about health care reform for another generation.

I understand the lack of enthusiasm for the bill. It really isn't anywhere near the strong reform we deserve, but there is enough benefit to regulating insurance to make it worthwhile. (I admit that I have a bias; as a walking "pre-existing condition" I have a vested interest in it passing.)

So yesterday, I called my congresswoman's office to express my view. Now, regular readers know that my congresswoman is a proud standing member of the "soggy-waffle caucus" who can avoid taking a stand on almost any issue that might be remotely controversial, so I wasn't expecting much. But I was rather surprised at the staffer's lack of information regarding the status of the bill, or negotiations on it. I had kinda hoped that a political employee some attention to politics. I'm so naive sometimes.

Let me spell this out simply for the Democrats: you need to pass this if you wish to maintain any political viability for the remainder of this term. If the republicans win on this, they will block every other attempt at legislation by the same means. I hate to see governing reduced to a 'game', but that is the current reality. Score now, or forfeit the game.

Added: New Democratic party slogan:

"That Lemming seems to know where he's going! Let's follow."

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