Saturday, January 30, 2010

Slightly Odd Conversations

Yesterday, I'm having a "happy hour" beer at my favorite pub, with my usual friends; nothing unusual about that. One of my dearest lady friends was talking about what was going on in her life (she likes to share, often at a 'TMI' level), and was telling us about her upcoming date with a man who she met through an online dating service. A service that, as she proudly told us, caters to people like her who are "polyamorous." Zymurgian (who never seems to post here anymore) was unfamiliar with the term, so the woman, Sweaterman, and myself gave a lengthy explanation of what "polyamorous" meant and that there really is a community of people who consider themselves such. The look on the bartenders face as he overheard the conversation was just about priceless; a group of middle aged folks discussing the merits of a polyamorous lifestyle was probably too much for his twenty-something mind to grasp. Not that it applied to the rest of us: Sweaterman is fairly newly wed, my sexual lifestyle is better described as "mostly celibate", and I have no idea what Zymurgian is in to (although I'm sure it involves beer). But it was a more interesting than our usual political conversations.

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