Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Evil Birthday

Today is the birthday of Dick "the dick" Cheney, perhaps the most evil person to ever hold a position of power in American government. From the Nixon era up to his latest bloviating on FAUX, he's truly been the embodiment of "the worst person in the world".
So, what should we give him for his birthday? I'd like to give him an indictment for war crimes. And it might even happen:

International arrest warrants have been requested for George W. Bush, Richard (Dick) Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Condoleeza Rice and Alberto Gonzales at the International Criminal Court, The Hague, Netherlands.

Professor of Law Francis A. Boyle of the University of Illinois College of Law in Champain, United States of America, has issued a Complaint with the Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court against the above-mentioned for their practice of “extraordinary rendition” (forced disappearance of persons and subsequent torture) in Iraq and for criminal policy which constitutes Crimes against Humanity in violation of the Rome Statute which set up the ICC.

As such, the Accused (mentioned above) are deemed responsible for the commission of crimes within the territories of many States signatories of the Rome Statute, in violation of Rome Statute Articles 5 (1)(b), 7 (1)(a), 7 (1)(e), 7 (1)(g), 7(1)(h), 7(1)8i) and 7(1)(k). Despite the fact that the USA is not a signatory State, the ICC has the jurisdiction to prosecute under Article 12 (2)(a) of the Rome Statute.

This Article stipulates that the Court may exercise its jurisdiction if one or more States in which the conduct in question occurred has accepted the jurisdiction of the Court. Furthermore, the forced disappearance of persons and torture in deemed by the Rome Statute as a Crime against Humanity, one which is still ongoing.

(h/t to Fixer at the alternate brain for the link)

OK, I doubt that much will actually come of this, but it's nice to see someone trying to hold "the dick" accountable. Wouldn't it be nice to see his snarling visage doing the Milosivic at the Hague?

So, what would you give Mr. Cheney for his birthday?


pygalgia said...

I would have said "a napalm enema", but that would have been inflammatory.

SweaterMan said...

Well, we could always have him spend some time with Harry Whittington on another hunting trip. Only this time Mr. Whittington gets the loaded shotgun. The dick gets to stand out in front and flush the birds....

One Fly said...

Getting this dick off the road would be the first step in this country's recovery for accountability.

Shit-I'd have to go to town and get all pissed up if this ever happened.

Keeping hope alive!

Tengrain said...

I'd give him 10 to life as a present.



Lockwood said...

A warm, dignified and elegant burial.

10 years ago.

Sandy Underpants said...

I can tell by the smell, you're another year closer to hell. happy birthday torturedude, may you get all you deserve.

libhom said...

I think a war crimes trial might be nice.

SkinnyDennis said...

A nice new microwave to go along with his pacemaker.

RC said...

I have been giving him the finger for years. . . . .for him it has ALWAYS been an appropriate gift.

Still is.

Bing said...

I would like someone to throw him a heart stopping surprise party. I was promised that his heart was feeble.

BOO! Did it work?


Pissed in NYC said...

And for his birthday, a night of wild passion with Lynn. If that doesn't kill him (or, at the least, break his spirit), nothing will.

Greendayman said...

Meatshorts, a bacon bra and 3 hungry pit bulls.

First time caller via Tengrain. great site!