Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Correction

Earlier this week, I put up a post on the news that it would soon be legal to import haggis. NPR is now reporting that the news report was in error, and that (thank goodness) it's still illegal to import haggis.
So I am happy to retract my prior post. I may be a very small, humble blogger, but I do have my ethical standards, damn it!
(I do still reserve the right to be wildly off-base in my opinions, however.)


SweaterMan said...

Damn, and I was sooooo looking forward to my first legal ingestion of sheep offal.

Looks like a trip overseas!

BTW, how does Blogger think up some of its word verification? "fentroin"? Is that even a word?

pygalgia said...

I have no idea how the "captchas" work, but I got "prown" which made me think of either "prawns" or "porn", or maybe both.

Greendayman said...

Is Lutefisk next?

Demeur said...

Watch out for that illegal haggis coming from Mexico. I hear it's bad shit.