Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Three years ago today, I started this humble little blog. I'd been reading, and commenting on, other blogs for several years prior, and I decided that I wanted one of my own. Nothing major, but a small soapbox where I could espouse my opinions, and share assorted things that amused or interested me. And Boobies. The internet needed more Boobies.
Three years, and 1,575 posts, aren't all that much, but according to "sitemeter" they've led to almost 35,000 "views", which is a lot more than I ever would have expected.

One of the major motivating factors was politics. The gross criminality of the shrub administration kept me in perpetual outrage, and I needed to vent sometimes. Not that I expected my little screeds to have any real impact. Let's face it; nobody in power cares what small, liberal blogs have to say. But, like screaming "theater" at a crowded fire, it feels good to have your viewpoint validated by its mere existence in the ether.
While the shrub administration is gone (thank chosen deity), the reasons for complaining and ranting are not. We still have a dysfunctional government that is failing its citizens, and there's plenty of causes for outrage to feed the blogging fever. So I have every intention of continuing the expression my 'very important' opinions here. And I'm sure that they'll continue to make not a damned bit of difference. Which is probably as it should be.

More importantly, I really want to thank you, my readers, for stopping by to read and sometimes comment on my little piece of the intertubes. Thanks to my co-bloggers (who I really do wish would post more), and to all the wonderful blogs who link to here. If I could, I'd love to have a beer with all of you! Consider this a virtual toast of thanks to you all!


Bob said...

Happy Third!!


Lockwood said...

Toast accepted and returned! Congratulations on your blogoversary, and applause to the importance of your opinions! Best wishes for many, many more.

One Fly said...

Sometime I will be back and you will be allowed to buy me that beer that was offered up.

Congrats- you/I/we may not be changing the world but collectively that's another matter and what we do I'd like to think is positive and can make change. I do know if the big boys get hold of the internets we're history.

I don't really know the start date on mine because it started as some else and evolved a couple of times.
hard to tell even from the archives but OTC is right at two years maybe a bit more. Luckily two buds are helping post and they write better than me.

Doing this is hard work-take the rest of the day off and drink beer get pissed up and be somebody. You earned it!

mahakal said...

Happy B-versary Day.

Tengrain said...

Yes, and I thank you for keeping the fire burning bright -- and Blogtopia needs more intelligent voices like yours not fewer.



Fearguth said...

Congratulations! I'm coming up on my fourth blogoversary (although the first blog I created goes all the way back to 2001).