Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TSA Almost Succeeds

in protecting America from Joan Rivers:

The New York Daily News reports that comedian Joan Rivers was among the many travelers to get snared in the heightened-security frenzy that overtook airports after the December 25th failed terrorist attack. Rivers wasn’t allowed on her Newark-bound flight in Costa Rica this past weekend by a “jittery Continental Airlines gate agent” who thought the two names on her passport, which reads “Joan Rosenberg AKA Joan Rivers,” seemed “fishy.”


Now, I don't think Ms. Rivers is a terrorist. But she's not funny, and she's the kind of celebrity that we have way too many of. As a country, we really don't need Joan Rivers back. I can only assume that the powerful cosmetic surgery industry successfully lobbied for her return.

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Lockwood said...

Rivers irritates me; she strikes me as a Paris Hilton with less talent: famous for being famous. And while the PH "type" isn't my cup of tea physically, Rivers was never as attractive.

I think "irritating" qualifies as terrorist threat these days, doesn't it? Gawd, I'd hate to be trapped on a plane with that woman.