Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why Is The Bird Grumpy?

For reasons that are entirely unclear to me, Grizelda (my bird) woke up in a bad mood today. Most days, when I let her out of her cage in the morning she perches by the heater and chatters at the sunrise. Not today. Today she started by attacking the computer mouse (a behavior I thought I had broken her of) and then attempting to shred and toss a pile of paperwork that I should be working on. Then it was the speaker wires that became her target. She's been loudly complaining about my putting a stop to her path of destruction, like a small child throwing a tantrum. I finally had to put her back into her cage for a "time out".

She's normally a very sweet, well behaved bird. I have no idea why she's in such a bad mood today, as everything in her world (food, water, treats) is the same as every other day. No signs of anything wrong with her health; I checked her out to see if there was anything physically wrong and found her to be extremely healthy. So why is she so grumpy today?

Added: Let back out about an hour later, she's her normal sweet self.


Demeur said...

My cat gets like that. It usually means she wants attention.

pygalgia said...

Nah, attention level was exceedingly normal. She gets plenty of attention, and usually perches by the heater in the morning. Today was different.