Thursday, February 18, 2010

Converations in My Life

So I'm having a conversation at my favorite pub with a woman who's been a friend for many years, but who I hadn't hung out with for a while. As follows:

Woman friend: "I'm sick of reality TV. If we're going to have reality entertainment, I wanna go full Roman. I want 'Christians versus lions' in 3-D"

Me: "We're gonna need a hell of a lot more lions."

Her: "Yeah, that could be a problem. We'll probably piss off PETA if we do that."

The rest of the conversation will not be posted, on advice of our favorite lawyer, who was on the next bar stool. But I do think that a lot more lions are needed.


Suzanne said...

ha! those kinda talks are the best kind -- especially handy having a lawyer on the next stool.

Phil said...

Definitely more lions. I'll even suggest adding a few tigers, alligators, wild boars and grizzly bears to the mix, just to keep things interesting.