Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Workout

Under the heading "aging ain't for sissies", I've been working out to strengthen my damaged shoulder in preparation for the spring river season. I had been consistently doing my physical therapy exercises since the surgery a year ago, but now I'm cranking it up a couple of notches. And it's not a pleasant experience. Having just finished a 45 minute workout focused on my right shoulder, it's now 'barking' back in pain and soreness. Not that I'm going to let a 'little' pain stop me, but, damn, it was so much easier when I was younger.
But this is something I must do. There are rivers to row, and I must be ready to take up the oars. I basically lost most of last season to the broken shoulder; I refuse to miss another.

(photos from the San Juan River, 2008)


BadTux said...

Just be careful. It's real easy to tear it up again, and then you have to wait for it to heal again. A bit of soreness is fine, but you shouldn't force it far beyond what it's comfortable doing. Slow but certain wins the game here.

- Badtux the Formerly Gimpy Penguin

pygalgia said...

Absolutely. I thank you for your concern, and I'm quite aware of the limits that I need to recognize. But I also need to push right up to that limit if I'm going to have the needed strength in the shoulder.
Again, thanks!

Justin said...

i hope you get a full season of river rowing revelry!

Demeur said...

I can relate to that. About six months after being laid off my right sholder froze up. I went to a doctor (my regular was on vacation) and was told to take two asprin and see another doctor. For that I paid $100. I went to the U.W. medical website and looked up frozen sholder. It had a complete series of stretching excersizes that got me back. I'm about 99% now.

I'm sure you'll now have a greater appreciation for what you couldn't do last season. Like the smart Penguin said don't push it too hard. Light, medium then heavy workouts work best.