Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Beautiful Day For Baseball

Yesterday, Sweaterman, myself, and Maverick (our favorite surly bartender) made our way down to Scottsdale for a spring training game. Given that it was snowing in the morning here, we were ready just to bask in the sunshine. And what a nice day for baseball: mid-70's, light breeze, abundant sunshine, and beer.
And my beloved Giants won, just to make the day even better.
Fun side story: the Giants have a player, Eugenio Velez, who is, in my...ahem...opinion, lousy. OK, he's terrible. His swing is so bad that I'm not even sure how best to mock it. So, as soon as I say how bad he is...he gets a hit. My companions laugh at me. A few innings later, he's back at bat. "OK, he got lucky. He's still terrible" I say. And he gets another hit. Further ribbing follows.
This is why no one pays me for my opinions about baseball.

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