Monday, March 22, 2010


As a sometimes political blogger, I guess I'm contractually obligated to post about the passage of health care reform. It passed 219-212 last night.
First, there's a sense of relief at finally passing something. HCR has been up and down like a kangaroo in the mating season over the past year, and the machinations in the process have been amazingly frustrating. The disingenuous and dishonest advertising against the bill was truly appalling. Or maybe it really does mandate gay abortions of Grandma.
The bill itself is a piece of astounding mediocrity. It barely meets any definition of "reform", and is far too weak to actually meet the needs of the American people. But (in my opinion) it's is on balance better than doing nothing. I do have a personal bias here; as a walking, talking, living, breathing 'pre-existing condition', the provisions will help me in the future. Not a great amount of help, but at least it's something.
Sure, I'd prefer "single payer", or at least the "public option", but the reality of our current political climate made that impossible. There just aren't enough progressive votes to overcome republican obstructionism.
In a way, the simple fact that the bill was passed is an important success. The GOP threw everything they had at defeating it, and they lost. Moving forward on financial reform, jobs, energy, etc. will now be possible as a result of winning this battle.
On a side note, I don't think I'd want to get into a poker match with Nancy Pelosi. I might quibble with her style, but when it came time to whip the votes she played her hand quite deftly.

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