Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Quiet Zone

Yesterday, I didn't quite notice what I wasn't hearing: train horns. Beginning yesterday, downtown Flagstaff became a "quiet zone" where trains don't blow their horns at each intersection. I live two blocks from the train tracks, and I've lived around downtown for so many years that I barely notice the noise, but with an average around 70 trains a day, the constant blaring can get annoying. Still, it's somewhat odd to not hear something I was so used to. And at least one conductor didn't get the memo, or couldn't quite break the habit.


Fearguth said...

We used to stop when flashing, even when there wasn't a train for miles.

Phil said...

Thank God they did that where I live, finally! I am thirty feet from the tracks and those bastards would start blowing those damn horns exactly at my place, all day and all night. It used to scare the shit out of my cats. Bonus, I work right next door to the big train yard in Vancouver.
I was getting it 24/7.