Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Talking To A Texan

Those who know me know that my youngest sister lives in Texas, and is my exact opposite on almost every issue political, religious, or philosophical. She's a 'fundamentalist christian' right wing proud 'tea party patriot', so when we happened to be on the phone last evening, I wanted her take on the Texas Governor's primary. Most all of us have crazy family, but I find myself seeking to find out which flavor of crazy I'm related to. It's a bad habit.

She didn't disappoint me. "I'll never vote for Perry. He's a LIBERAL!" she said. And she thinks Kay Bailey Hutchinson will take her guns away (not a bad idea, really...except she doesn't actually have any guns...and nobody is trying to take them away today.) Really, when Perry is too "liberal" for you, what choice do you have?

So I asked her about Debra Medina. She had never heard of her.

Then I asked her who'd she vote for: she sort of "forgot" to register to vote, so she wont be voting. Which made me laugh. She sends me around a dozen "tea party" type emails every week. But didn't bother to register to vote.

In a way, I find that reassuring.

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