Monday, March 14, 2011

Craziest Speculative Story of the Day

Let me be clear: I try to avoid anything and everything associated with Sarah Palin. The very fact that she is somehow considered relevant is evidence that American politics may be too stupid to survive.

But then I read this example of extreme insanity:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, we learned earlier this week, is rumored to be planning to base her hypothetical presidential campaign in Scottsdale, but GOP sources tell New Times the one-time darling of the Conservative movement might be coming to the Grand Canyon State for a different reason: to run for the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jon Kyl.

Sadly, it makes sense.

Arizona is the Mecca of Conservative kookdom, so it would be much easier for someone like Palin to get elected here than it would be for her to get elected nationally -- where the far-right-wing agenda is much less popular.

GOP sources tell New Times Palin fell in love with Arizona while campaigning with Senator John McCain during the 2008 presidential race, and that she already owns a home here. Although, no record of any Sarah Palin-owned property in Maricopa County is found on the County Assessor's website (there are, however, four homes owned by people with the last name Palin, and homes owned by people with the same names as Palin's sister and father).

Not to mention, Palin's daughter Bristol's inexplicable move to Maricopa, which we'll now assume had more to do with her mother's future plans than her desire to see Mexico from her back porch.

Congressman Jeff Flake is the only declared candidate for the seat, however, former TV pitchman J.D. Hayworth, fagala-fearing Congressman Trent Franks, and several other local GOPers have expressed an interest in the seat.

Palin's capable of raising a lot of money, which spells trouble for other Republicans looking to run. Hayworth and Franks would likely bow out (although, watching three crazy people argue over who's crazier could be fun).

I've always doubted that Palin would actually run for president due to her own greed and sloth. Simply put, I don't believe that she would take the pay cut or accept the work load involved. So I seriously doubt that she'll actually run for senator here. But the scary reality is that if she did run here in Arizona it's quite likely that she would win.

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