Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring (Training) Boobies

A fine Friday. Sweaterman and I are taking the trip down to the valley to catch a spring training baseball game, thereby proving that winter is over.

So many things that I haven't blogged about lately. Major events in so many different spheres that I find myself taking a "wait and see" attitude, but most everything looks bad right now. The latest simple example: we have the house republicans defunding public radio in the name of "austerity" (yes, I know it's really about ideology), but we have plenty of money in the budget to send a bunch of 'free cruise missiles' to Libya. It's nice to know what the priorities are.

I'll leave you with an Arizona joke:

"Even with the huge cuts to the states education budget, Arizona kids will still learn their 'A,B,C's'. They'll just have to go to another state to learn the other 23 letters."

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