Saturday, December 10, 2011

'Here' is not 'There'

While the move to Minnesota has been good for the most part, there are a number of things that I do miss about Flagstaff. Mostly, friends and the community. I got a reminder of this in the comments, when my old buddy (oops, he's not that "old") Bill said:

You missed sampling my brine soaked and smoked wild turkey at Maker's Monday. It got rave reviews!

Dang! Sorry I missed that. Although I have gotten to enjoy the results of one of my housemates having success with deer hunting season. In fact, Venison is on the menu for dinner tonight, so I'm not suffering too badly.

But it is really cold here now. Which means it's time for a truly Minnesota form of insanity: Ice Fishing! Most of the folks I know around here (including the woman I live with, who has a sanity deficiency and two fishing poles) are excitedly gearing up for this. I am not. I have plenty of ice in the freezer, and no one can convince me that 'free range, wild caught' ice is that much better than the domestic commercially produced form. While there are rumors that sometimes people accidentally catch fish along with the ice, everyone clearly agrees that the most prevalent feature is still "ice", which is by nature fornicating cold. So I'm not enthused about this activity.

Maybe if my old buddies like Bill, Urland, Sweaterman, Maverick, Teeter, Bliss!, and the rest of the gang all came up (and Zymurgian came down) for an ice fishing excursion, I could generate some enthusiasm. Otherwise, I'd rather stay warm inside with my boring freezer made ice.

Added: Actually, Bill is enough of a crazy outdoor adventure type that he might enjoy ice fishing.


Demeur said...

I have to ask. What possessed you to move to Minn. in the wintertime? Thought you loved the rafting trips and warm weather.

I myself have not so fond memories of having to take decon showers in near freezing weather outdoors.

pygalgia said...

That is a question I sometimes ask myself, but short answer: A woman and a job. The 'plan' is that we'll be here for about 3 years while she completes nursing school, then move to someplace warmer. I support her now, and she supports me later, according to the script.