Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Latest Medical Miracle

While reading the headlines this morning, and this article caught my eye:

We have created the ultimate hangover cure in a pill (just in time
for Christmas), claim U.S scientists

Wow, that's great! Medical science that we can really use, right? Then I read the actual article to find out more about this great discovery. Uhm:

Hailed as a miracle cure by its maker, the pill contains 500 milligrams of aspirin, 60 milligrams of caffeine and an antacid to soothe upset stomachs.

Yup, that's quite the 'miracle' cure you've invented there. Nobody ever tried treating a hangover with aspirin, caffeine, and antacid before, right?

Jesus Christ on toast, but it don't take much to qualify for miracle status these days.


urland said...

Well, it is the Daily Mail... and who knows? Maybe they have a sense of humor. My favorite hangover avoidance method is to drink large quantities of alcohol with great frequency. Eventually all the body systems that amateurs have problems with give up in disgust. If you are a dabbler rather than a professional such as Py and myself, I suggest a multivitamin and a large glass of water when reaching pass out time. Natural herbal remedies are also of great help.

pygalgia said...

True, we are professionals.

Cujo359 said...

I'd never tried antacids, but yes, the rest is pretty standard. Urland's right, though, water and vitamins are about the best. That's what your body's missing.