Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Posting What I Post

(Alternative title: "I like to post about the things I post about when I post about the the things I post about when I post about things).
I recently read that on average 2 million blog posts are generated each day. Which I'm certainly not responsible for. But it did get me thinking about "what I post, and why I post it" and if I should be doing it better. I tend to lay off posting about the "controversy du jour", as among those millions of posts someone said what I'm thinking better than I would say it. Or has a "LOL Cat" of it. Also, I'm lazy. For example, just putting up a post that basically says "racism is bad, and it killed this kid in Florida" has a kind of pointless point to it, as many other blogs have already made the point more eloquently.
So instead, I tend to post things that interest me that are not mainstream. For example: Jane Fonda will play Nancy Reagan in new film. I find that to be a delicious irony. "Hanoi Jane" as the wife of republican saint Ronald Reagan. That's the kind of thing you couldn't make up in a piece of fiction. Fiction has to be believable.
Also, this reminds me that some of what I find amusing doesn't translate well across generations. The woman I live with (who is 21 years younger than I am) didn't see any humor in Jane Fonda playing Nancy Reagan. For her the Vietnam War was a chapter in her history book, and Ronald Reagan was president when she was born rather than an actor who shared a movie with a chimpanzee. The humor was lost on her, but she did agree that I should include it in a blog post, because "most of the people who read your blog are older" she said. Which is likely true, and I think I like that.
So, just because I haven't posted about 'something' doesn't mean I don't care about it. It just means I don't have anything original to say about it. Or, this is "my blog" so I can be as lame as I want to. And I really thank you for reading it (cuz' you only had 1,999,999 other posts to choose from.)


Phil said...


Damn right I am older.
I hate to tell your girl friend, but I have T shirts older than she is, ya lucky bastard.

Reagan was a rotten sonofabitch.
He went from being the President of the Actors Guild, a union, to President of the United States and wound up killing a union, The Air Traffic Controllers union.

There is a damn good reason some of us still hate his memory and the fact that Hanoi Jane, who actually was a traitor to our nation, is going to play Nancy Reagan in a movie, ya have to cut the irony with a vintage Vietnamese Machete.

Mitt fucking Romney would love to be the next Reagan.

Demeur said...

With age comes wisdom and appreciation. Maybe your girlfriend will get that at some point maybe not.

I hear Jane only has a bit part in the movie at the end. At her age she could probably pull it off. I still think she was a CIA plant but could never divulge the fact. Don't laugh it's been done before.

Karlo said...

I certainly get the irony. (:

Mauigirl said...

Oh yes, the irony is not lost on me either! We are all from that generation I think!