Sunday, February 25, 2007

A matter of perception

I have this pair of sunglasses. Good enough shades, but one of the lenses keeps popping out. "Well that sucks, get better ones," you might say to me, but avast! how now! - hear me out; behold my tale, dear person perusing obscure blogs today...
I don't wanna nother pair of sunglasses, because the lense that periodically pops out of its frame is always hopelessly lost, only to present itself again, not in a pocket or the like, but in a preposterous format. Perpetually.
Please understand, one of the lenses of my cheap-ass pair of gas station shades has a mind of its own. Once, I found it 'neath a downtown turkey-smoker. Coupla days ago the lens was nestled in the fronds of my pet rabbit-foot fern. Last tuesday it had crept into the shower stall. It has even been known to manifest under my pillow. Who knows the agenda of an errant sunglass lens? Thing is, I always discover it somewhere, and it snaps gingerly back into its frame. Snugly, securely, for awhile. Reminds me of a husky dog I once knew...
Hi! My name is Zymurgian and I am honored to have been invited to post on Pygalgia's blog.
Now that I have you gently twirling your snifters of cognac in anticipation, I could be a real bastard tyrant and tape or crazy-glue this vagabond lense to the frame of my sunglasses, thereby inhibiting its annoying periginations (The other lense is quite docile and servile; proleteriat to the core) but who am I to inhibit a gas station lense's free will? It agrees to let me find it, so far. It agrees to guard my eyes from slush and wind and ultraviolet maelstrom, sometimes. Where I live now, at this latitude and elevation, sunglasses are efficacious, as I am amore interested in what the ravens have to say, i.e. ardent cyclist.
To digress, I gain understanding from them that go on tour, -husky dogs and sunglass lenses and friends, relatives, sleeping bags, lovers. I accept that most of this world is busted, and duplicarious. Touracious.
Simultaneously, the only way through this busted frame of a life is to pop out of it and go on tour. But if through that, you do not realize yer tru purpose is to be of service to another's maelstrom, well, hey, get a better pair of shades!

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Demeur said...

Your lens like my sock and my cat sojourns to a nether world. I no not where. The cat I know will return when she gets hungry. The sock and the lens are not as predictable. Odd that we're all in this together sharing the same experiences and it doesn't matter what language you speak or where you live. Maybe you have stumbled on one of those great universal truths.