Thursday, March 1, 2007

happy thoughts!

At some point, this civilization is going to crash. Bitching about this "administration" and such seems to me incredibly sophomoric. I am sick and tired of hearing and reading about how malicious many of our politicians are. Corrupt politicians are a given in any society. They are a symptom of a deeper malaise; that being, the fundamental manifestations of human greed.
I am not a pessimist. Nor, an optimist. I am a realist. And the history of humanity has always been-"my war-hammer is bigger than your war-hammer." Please, anybody, tell me I am wrong!
I can't wait for this "civilization" to crash! It's a bunch of crap! Does nothin but breed sheep!(besides you and me, dear reader, of course) Meanwhile, I, Zymurgian, am a homebrewer. Mind you, chances are, our economy is certainly destined for unprecedented gloom. Convenience stores will be vacant. Liquor stores all boarded up... I will be pleasantly buzzed when USA takes a shit. Perhaps I will have some grog to share. You better be nice to me, when civilization goes dry! Ha ha!
It is not going to be at all pleasant, when it all crashes. So glean some skill "off the grid", like brewing or gardening. Your computer-programming knowledge shall be rendered superfluous, not to mention yer college credits... Maybe learn self- defense, which is another topic altogether...

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