Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Scooter found guilty on 4 of 5 counts. Now if we could get that kind of treatment for his boss.
*Dammit, Sweaterman! Get that damn laptop fixed.


SweaterMan said...

Trying to fix it; actually I'm using the laptop right now, it's just bouncing from monitor to monitor and giving me a headache.

Very pleased with the verdict though. Now send Fitz after Cheney with subpeonas and let Cheney stroke out from another blood clot and I'll be a supremely happy man.

Interesting that he was found NG of making false statements; I'll wait for the jury reasoning, but it seemed fairly clear that he did make at least one.

SweaterMan said...

OK, I see now. They found him NOT guilty of making false statements to the FBI about talking to Matt Cooper. They found him guilty of lying to the grand jury about talking to Cooper. Lying to the Grand Jury is higher than lying to a G-man, but apparently that was enough to cause some resonable doubt in the mind of one (one!!) juror. Shit, we could'a gone five for five.

It's kind of like getting pulled over by the police under suspicion of drunk driving - you always tell the officer you had just one beer - REALLY! But after you blow a .185 and the next morning you're standing in front of a judge, you admit you guzzled the whole 12-pack, knocked back a few Jager shots, and took a hit off the bong before getting behind the wheel; because, well, the judge in higher up on the chain than the officer.