Tuesday, March 6, 2007

human history as severely scratched disc.(part 3038)

What I do for"frogskin", (a penobscot/iroquois term, betraying their shock at being rudely introduced to the insanity of Western currency) doesn't really matter. Okay, well I transmogrify various carcasses into delightful sandwiches. For frogskin. But I like to read the local paper during morning smoke-breaks.
One thing I learned today in today's local paper was, quite recently, USA soldiers, a few of 'em, were ambushed and mutilated by some embittered chap in Afghanistan. So our militia, not welcome there in the first place, became quite upset, and terrifically irrational, - thus spraying lethal bullets oer an entire Afghani villlage. Soldiers representing our country panicked and lost their shit, and slew innocent persons. Our troops are not trained in Arabic, Urdu or Pashtu. Should be, in my opinion...
Anyway, of course that's a gloomy thing to read on the front page of a newspaper
on yer first coffee-break of a long working day,. But the next page talked about the Boston Massacre, of 1770. Happened the same day.
Get it? Okay maybe not- how to put it...!- some colonial "insurgent" in 1770's Boston, tossed a rock at an occupying, unwelcome militia. The red-coats became quite upset, and terrifically irrational...
All about frogskin.
Get it now, y'all? In'shAllah?

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