Friday, March 9, 2007

What Xerxes said to the Winslowsions.

Wierd day. Somebody that used to be my boss, years ago, in another context, is now a new guy, in a current context. i have to show him how to do stuff. A bit daunting, indeed,-to train a fella whose wisdom, in both contextuals, fairly supercedes my own. It's like... i asked him for guidance in that other context, -today he asked me for instruction in this current context. Yep. Contextual synchronous occurances, that is.; current ones,,,
Methinks i find this to be the sort of thing ; metaphysical enigma, if you will, to make one raise his proverbial eyebrow, eh? As to what context shall insue, i dunno. In my humble opinion, God is synchronous occurences , superceding all context. If God exists, and he probably doesn't, It's probably wasted on Xanax- a constant new guy, in OUR context, flowing through all the answers to all our superfluous endeavors, but nothing left in the bag.

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