Monday, March 12, 2007

Scandal Pool

There are so many scandals going on currently that you have to wonder if the dam will finally burst. Will any of them turn big enough, or will the cumulative effect, be enough to take the administration down?
I'm proposing a little pool where we speculate what scandal will inspire the greatest public outrage, and whether any or all will lead to the administrations removal.
Here's a partial list of recent scandals in no particular order:
1) The treatment of wounded veterans,
2) The justice department political firings,
3) The FBI's illegal use of national security letters,
4) The Libby conviction, and the congressional hearings to come (just read Firedoglake),
5) Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, and maybe Iran (way too many possible links to bother with...just read the daily news)
These are just the first few that pop into my mind. Please feel free to throw in any additional scandals (hell, this whole administration is a scandal) that you think may gain traction.
Will any or all of these be enough?
(cartoon stolen from Blah3,

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