Saturday, March 24, 2007

Temper-tantrum Tyrant

I was speaking with a friend in Portland the other day, and while on the phone, his kid decided to throw a temper-tantrum, as kids his age (4) are often wont to do. I guess as a parent you're pretty immune to this, but for someone outside the interaction, it can be pretty frustrating.

I mention this because it's seems our Fuhrer, after getting bitch-slapped by Congress, decided to stamp his feet and whine and yell and generally act like a 4-year old, as he always does when people don't continuously fawn upon him.

Well, Mr. Bush, grow the fuck up, you namby-pamby wuss. You don't always get to do exactly what you want all the time, a lesson my parents taught me, strangely, when I was four years old. Seventy percent of Americans want our troops out of Iraq, and we went to the polls and elected people who said they would do that, and that's just what they are attempting to do. That's the way democracy works.

Frankly, Mr. Bush, given your record for shitty decision-making, your obstinacy just reinforces the beliefs of that 70-percent who are against you; and rendering you, in our minds, even more impotent than before. Although, speaking for myself, I've never had an ounce of respect for a man who could barely stumble through college; maybe if you'd paid more attention, America wouldn't be in the horrible state it is today.

So, go ahead and force your Constitutional Crisis, Mr. Bush. Sure, it'll go to the Supreme Court, and they'll rule in your favor. But, that will only strengthen most Americans beliefs in the unfairness of the system and decrease respect for the GOP. You're doing more to crush conservatism than I could accomplish in a million years.

Heck of a job, Bushie.

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Anonymous said...

I notice this attitude with Bush in many of his public discussions. Whenever he is tested and ciritqued he loses it, becomes obstinate, and acts as if he is beoynd reproach and/or his incredibly bad judgement should not be questioned. HE acts like a childish tyrant, a spoiled brat, like a guy who has been babied his entire life and has never had to live up to any responsibilities...imagine that.

I think Bush is a frustrated man. He was very close to absolute power, riding the strange political culture the US has developed. But now his support is gone, as is AMerican support for hawkish fundamentalist conservatism. The whole movement is in trouble, and they know it. All the Ann Coulters, Sean Hannitys, Bill OReilleys, etc know they are now in the minority where the majority rejects, if not despises their kookoo ideology of obedience to state power. Bush knows the game is up, he has failed, and it is possible that he and his creepy crew may come to find themselves subject to serious criminal prosecutions.