Thursday, April 5, 2007

Beer and Politics

At my favorite microbrewery we have a lot of political discussions and while this may sound arrogant, we're a pretty astute group. I'm not sure if micro's draw a more well informed crowd than regular bars, but the "mog" sure seems to. The regulars are predominantly liberal, but there are enough conservatives to keep the debate lively.
Recently, there's been a great deal of talk about the '08 candidates. While I've heard a variety of preferences and reasons for them, one thing is clear: the beltway pundits don't know us or how we view the candidates. The myriad views I hear are much more nuanced than what I hear and see from the media.
On the liberal side there's no consensus on any one candidate, but a general view that Obama or Edwards would be better than Clinton. Richardson is generally viewed as someone who would be a good president but unlikely to be elected.
There seems to be a real malaise on the conservative side (I should add that the conservative I know are disgusted with Shrub, albeit for different reasons than I am). None of the Repub candidates seems to have any real support, but I've heard a lot of "anyone but McCain" talk. We're in Arizona so this should be his turf, but amongst the conservatives that I know he's lost credibility.
There's still a lot of time before the first primary(s), but I'm curious as to how this compares with political conversation elsewhere. How are people talking about the election where you are?
And readers, if you find yourself in Flagstaff, AZ, stop by the Mogollon, and join in the discussion.


Rick Janes said...

"I've heard a variety of preferences and reasons for them, one thing is clear: the beltway pundits don't know us or how we view the candidates."

Amen. The Beltway types seem to be about ten years behind most of America. The local places where I quaff my suds, the talk is definitely anti-Bush, anti-GOP, even among the conservatives, and the people -- a cross section of blue collar and white collar -- are more politically astute than the bloviators in the MSM give them credit for being. And they aren't falling for the old Rove smears anymore, either -- they see right through them these days.

The few Bush neocons left now tend to keep their opinions to themselves, and even they are criticizing Bush on some points.

Sweet chocolate Jesus -- I heard one of the pampered punditry talking about the influence of the Reagan Democrats in 2008 the other night on cable TV. I know several blue collar guys -- there are no Reagan Dems anymore, that's how bad the economy has become under Bush, especially for union members.

I'm up near Lake Michigan but, since I love good beer and good conversation, I'll make a point of stopping by the microbrewery next time I'm in AZ.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I was at Mogollon a few weeks ago while on vacation. I did speak with you briefly about politics and immediately thought of you with the news of Renzi's pesky ethical troubles.

Following Doolittle's FBI raids, it is great news.

Mogollan's beer is top notch, and that's coming from someone who's been to a lot of microbreweries!