Sunday, April 1, 2007

A quick note on the pet food contamination

I don't have a dog or cat, so I haven't been too focused on the pet food contamination scandal (see monkeyfister for all the details). Atrocia eats rats. Fat, live rats. But I got to thinking, isn't this just what we should expect in the wake of rethuglican deregulation? The e.coli outbreaks have proven that this administration doesn't care about peoples safety, so why would they care about pets?
What really does make me nervous about all the FDA cutbacks is food safety. Safety regulations cut into corporate profits, dontcha know. I would like my tax dollars to ensure that what I buy at the grocery store is safe to eat. Is that unreasonable?
I guess that in the era of shrub, I'll have to trust that our corporate overlords won't kill too many of us, as that would be bad for business.
My sympathies to all who's pets have been effected by this.


Anonymous said...

I actually had a dog die of kidney failure in December for unknown reasons, only seven years old. Now, what we had fed him, dry Purina dog chow, has yet to come up on the recall list, but this does not mean it wont.

This fiasco highlights what happens when intl trade trumps food safety and environmental regulations.

I have a new puppy, who we feed dry Purina puppy chow and we hope this does not come up toxic. This whole thing stinks however, with dog food manufacturers pursuing profits at the expense of safety for pets.


pygalgia said...

Sorry for your loss.Keep your puppy safe by checking to see if the food contains wheat gluten, the source of the contamination.
Again, if you ever get the time, you are invited to post here anytime.