Sunday, April 1, 2007

Boat Day

Aah, it's a beautiful spring Sunday. Today, I'm doing a boat tuneup in preparation for my trip at the end of the month.
I haven't said anything about my old raft before. "The Great Pumpkin" is an 18' Green River bucket boat. She's over 30 years old. I got her four years ago, at a steal of a price.
The "Pumpkin" is about as heavy a raft as you can get, and can be a real workout to row when fully loaded. The annual tuneup consists of inflating, searching for any new leaks that may have emerged over the winter, patching where needed, and cleaning. Thankfully, Zymurgian has offered to help with this as moving the old boat is at least a 2 man job. In return, I'm letting Zymurgian row some of the rapids on the upcoming trip (he's been a passenger before, but this will be his first time as a boatman). Because the "Pumpkin" is such a heavy boat it's also very stable, so it's a good boat to learn on.
Here's to a happy boat.

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