Friday, May 11, 2007

The car-free mechanic

I've been living car-free for about 11 years now. This was a very simple choice for me, as I simply don't need one. I used to be in the floor covering business, and needed a truck for work. When I got out of that line of work, I no longer needed a vehicle. I can walk, bike, or bus to anywhere in town, and being single I don't have to drive anyone else around. I made this choice for both environmental and economic reasons.
But today, I get to play mechanic. The long-term houseguest's car has broken down, and she needs me to fix it. It's a 1981 toyota with about 300k miles, so there's a number of problems, but the most pressing is electrical. It's kind of weird, because the car is virtually identical to the car my now ex-wife drove when we first started dating (only older now). Luckily, one of my good friends is a real mechanic with a shop nearby, and he's kindly offered the use of a bay at the shop and an array of tools that I don't have (or don't want to dig out. 11 years without a car can bury tools that I've kept but haven't needed). As an aside, my mechanic friend also lives car- free by choice.
So I'm asking any of you readers out there: Would you live car-free if you could? Do any of you live car-free now?


Demeur said...

I would except my work requires me to be anywhere in about a 65 mile radius and to be there 24/7 if necessary. Some day if I retire or die I'll consider the possability. Until then I'm stuck.

Pollywog said...

According to Sweaterman, we are all going to be car-free whether we like it or not any minute now.
So, in light of that, I'll be happy to walk or bike when my car isn't necessary but damn it, I'm driving to as many good remote hikes and adventures as possible while I still can.